from 西门子 文档编号 18752283

SinuCom NC: 

This online SinuCom NC program is used for simple commissioning of SINUMERIK 810D/840Di/840D. 

The SinuCom NC commissioning tool (start-up tool) offers the following functions:

Dialog-based parameterization of the machine data (connected online with the NC)
Series commissioning data are managed
Integrated online help for functions, machine data and alarms
Function description in German and English as PDF (this is part of the online help)
SinuCom NC TRACE (from SW release 6.3)This is used to dynamically trace/record variables associated with the NC, the PLC, the HMI and drive signals that are available via the NC. These can be displayed, similar to on an oscillograph or a logic analyzer, can be printed-out or saved in a file. 
The SinuCom NC TRACE program provides support during the following activities-Faultfinding/troubleshooting and resolving faults-Machine performance analysis, benchmarking and tuning-Process performance analysis, benchmarking and tuning

归纳一下SinuCom NC是调试服务工具,大致上就是以下功能

  • 调试机床数据
  • 备份数据管理
  • 查看功能描述
  • SinuCom NC TRACE图形化轨迹/记录